Holistic veterinary services are a way to look at your pet as a whole being rather than just the symptom you want treat. We focus on a pet’s entire lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, disease processes, and preventive care, and what we can do to augment their health. Holistic treatment options allow pets to feel better without additional medications and without multiple side effects. It’s a practice to allow the body to heal itself, and use its innate immune responses and repairing mechanism. Our treatments combine the best traditional and alternative methods that are customized specifically for your pet’s health.

Holistic medicine is extremely beneficial when used preventively. For instance, if we can treat a puppy or young dog and start with the proper care when they are young, we can make sure to treat them without overloading too many toxins in their body. This gives them a strong basis to be able to prevent future disease. It’s also helpful with older animals who need support for battling disease in their body and healing from chronic pain issues.

Some areas we provide holistic services are:

Nutritional Consultations:

One part of our holistic service area is nutritional consultations which looks at the lifestyle of the pet and what they are being fed currently and how they can augment the diet to suit needs. We don’t recommend just one type of food, we specifically tailor to the pet. Different pets have different dietary needs for example a growing puppy, an older cat with chronic kidney illness, or a dog with cancer.

Chinese herbal therapy:

Chinese herbal therapy has been used for centuries for people and now it is being used for pets as well. The basic principle works with wet and dry conditions. Instead of treating only the symptoms, we treat the underlying process that is causing the issue the body is having. The herbs help to support the natural mechanisms in the pet’s body. We focus on treating excess conditions first and then strengthening wherever the body is out of balance or weakened. There are specific herbs that can help with pain and inflammation and others that can be helpful for the liver and the kidneys and specific cancers.

Antibody titer testing:

Antibody titer testing involves a small blood sample that goes to the lab and tests what the body’s immune response is to that particular disease. If the body has enough antibody response, then they do not need an additional vaccination. This helps to prevent over vaccination in your pet by finding out how their immune system is functioning at that time.