Please be aware that the prices listed below are estimates. After your pet is examined, we always go over an estimate before rendering any services. Additionally, we offer discounts for multiple pets and we work with you on an individual basis for your pet’s needs.

Initial Exam with Consultation – $80.00

Telemedicine (Email): $55-$65

Acupuncture – $78

Acupuncture Point Stimulation with K-Laser – $62

Ozone Therapy – $45

K-laser Therapy Session – $26 – $73

Combined vitamin injection – $36.10

Heartworm Test – $53.10

Vitamin B12-1000mcg/ml – $19

Glucosamine injection – $41.50

Distemper and Parvo Vaccine Titer Panel – $140

Senior Screen (cbc, chem, T4, U/A) – $203.89

Fecal & Ova Parasites (Idexx 501) – $40

Herbs (month supply) – $40 – $60

Please Note

* We charge a $50 deposit for initial appointments as to secure your pet’s spot. This policy has helped us reduce no-show clients and in turn allows us to serve more patients. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, let us know at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time so that we can refund your deposit. Otherwise the deposit will be counted as a cancellation fee. Alternatively, the deposit will go towards your pet’s veterinary services at your pet’s appointment and will be not counted as any type of fee.
* We will refund the deposit with a 20% service fee due to transaction fees and the time of creating the records.
* Acupuncture follow ups will include a medical progress exam and hazardous waste fee. All veterinary assistant appointments will be charged a veterinary assistant assessment. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

We take accept transactions using cash, checks, credit cards, Square (emailed link), and Venmo (@Drjulia-Happytails).