Please be aware that the prices listed below are estimates. After your pet is examined, we always go over an estimate before rendering any services. Additionally, we offer discounts for multiple pets and we work with you on an individual basis for your pet’s needs.

New Patient Deposit (Non-refundable, Required to Schedule Appointment) – $60
New Patient Exam Fee After Deposit – $60

Comprehensive Exam with Consultation (Regular Office Visit) – $82.36
Three-Year Rabies Vaccine – $68.18
Canine One-Year Rabies Vaccine – $52.33
Feline One Year Rabies PureVax Vaccine – $59.59
Distemper/Parvo Three-Year Vaccine – $82.81
Distemper/Parvo One Year Vaccine – $67.79
Bordetella Vaccine (Oral) – $50.57
Leptospirosis One Year Vaccine – $61.42

Early Detection Panel (Puppies and Kittens) – $125.39
Adult Wellness Panel – $186.17
Adult Wellness Plus Panel – $204.86
Senior Wellness Panel – $239.15

Acupuncture – $94.35
Ozone Therapy (Rectal) – $55.45
Skeletal Balancing – $79.40
Laser (Musculoskeletal) – $71.64
Distemper/Parvo Titer Testing – $217.22

Hazardous Waste and Sanitization Fee – $9.91
This fee is charged for all appointments scheduled at our office, regardless of the service.

For spays and neuters, we can provide an estimate after we have seen your pet for an exam.

This is not a comprehensive list of pricing for all services offered at our office and they are subject to change. If you have any questions, please email us at

**We welcome all major forms of payments, however, to keep fees for services as low as possible, we impose a “Convenience Fee” of 3.50% on the transaction amount for all credit cards presented, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We do not surcharge on debit cards.